At Flavours there is something for everyone, from burger to vegan, artisan to sweet and much more inbetween.



Company Food HSE Reg Number
Benson Food Flavours of Fish & Chicken 2442
Benson Food Family Fast Food 2431
Benson Food Real Irish Burger Co 2901
Benson Food Real Irish Burger Co 3222
Bad Boys BBQ Burgers 47826
Crepes in the City Savory & Sweet Crepes 59488
Dough Kitchen Pizzas 62423 + other
Crepe Wagon Churros & Crepes 085974
Hells BBQ BBQ 085806
Hereford Prime Steaks 67838
L Parnis Crepes 5087
L. Parnis Swing Grill 5091
Sugarmama Swing Grill 68118
Farm Hog Roast Pork on a spit 086455
Kinara Indian/Pakistan cuisine 36559 + maybe another
Le Crème  Ices 7487,815971
La Vita Ice Creams/Coffee 82078,81597
Coffee Express Coffee 061635 + 70757
Bubble Waffle Co Bubble Waffles 087123
Dinky Donuts Donuts 77211
Mallons  Sausages 74639
Kona Pizza Pizza in a cone 086057
Barrys Pop & Candy Sweets/popcorn/minerals 2380
Vegan Kitchen Vegan Foods- to be confirmed 54075
Botanic Sweets Packaged sweets
Keelings  Strawberries 53838
Candy Rock Lane Sweets n/q
Daves Pizza Pizza 67634
Benson Food Cuppa Coffee (possibly this unit) 2457   
Dutchess Dutch pancakes 085912
Wowfulls & Churros .ie   083972/ 76258