Class C0

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  1. Persons entering Stock or other Exhibits and failing to send same for exhibition shall forfeit entry fees. Exhibits must be bona-fide property of the exhibitor.
  2. The Judge shall not award a Prize in any Class where sufficient merit does not appear.
  3. All exhibits shall be at the sole risk of the Owner and must be in charge of and attended to by the Owner and or his Agent during the Show.
  4. The Committee does not accept liability for any accident to Exhibitors or Attendants, or accidents or damage to, or loss of, any Exhibits, even though arising from the negligence of some person in the employment of the Committee. Exhibitors are encouraged to extend their public liability to cover shows.
  5. All Horses and Cattle must be led or ridden and under the Control of the person in charge of the said animal. The Show’s authorised personnel are entitled to have any animal removed from the Show Grounds that does not conform to this rule.
  6. The Committee delegates full power to the appointed Stewards, to enforce the Rules as set out and the decision of the Committee shall be final in all cases.
  7. All cattle exhibits must be on the show grounds by 10.45am on the morning of the show.
  8. The Rules of the Royal Dublin Society as to definition shall be applied in cases of dispute as to the ages of Livestock.
  9. Bulls exhibited at the Show must be secured by a ring in the nose with a strong rope or chain attached.
  10. All animals entered must be halter trained unless otherwise stated.
  11. Classes may be cancelled if the number of entries does not warrant inclusion in the proposed class.
  12. All 1st prize winners are not eligible for showing in any other class unless otherwise stated.
  13. Objections must be lodged with the Secretary within one hour after prize giving, accompanied with a refundable deposit of €50, which will be forfeited if the objection is not sustained.
  14. Dry cows must have proof of calving in the last twelve month period.
  15. This Show is run according to the Rules of the ISA.
  16. Judging will commence at 11.00am unless otherwise stated.
  17. All livestock entries must be in test (TB and Brucellosis) on the day of the show. All necessary documentation must accompany the animal on the day of the show. DVO check at gate of entry for blue cards.
  18. All pedigree animals will be required to be registered with their respective societies.
  19. All CMMS forms must be completed at the office on the morning of the show before numbers will be given.
  20. Passports / identity cards are required.
  21. No refunds of entry fees in any Class will be made in the case of entries which are not sent forward for competition or which are disqualified from competition for failure to comply with regulations.
  22. Entries close on Saturday 22nd June 2019.
  24. The Society will not be responsible for any loss, damage, accident or otherwise which may occur to any Exhibitor, Exhibit, Visitor or Vehicle at the Show.

The Irish Shows Association would advise all animal owners who have their animals insured, to have the insurance cover extended to cover them while showing animals at shows. We understand that it costs very little or nothing at all to do this, depending on who you have insurance with. The reason for us giving you this advice is that if your animal lashed out, and injured someone or damaged someone’s property, and it is established that your animal was out of control at that time, you may be held responsible or partly responsible for any injury or damage caused you may end up paying all or part of any settlement reached.

We all want to have a successful, enjoyable show but also a safe and accident free occasion.
To ensure this, the co-operation of all is vital, including exhibitors, spectators and organisers.
A few guidelines to note in relation to safety are as follows:

  • Please observe signs – especially those relating to caution in livestock areas.
  • Please do not exhibit animals that are unsuitable with regard to safety e.g. hard to control.
  • It is advisable for exhibitors to have insurance on their animals, to include cover for exhibiting at the show.
  • All animals must be led by a competent handler.
  • Animals should not be tied to trailers or left in trailers.
  • Dogs should be on a lead and under the control of the handler.
  • Caution and care should be exercised at all times.
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Class C0: The Breeders Choice Traditional 4* or 5* Breeding Heifer. Suitable to make a Suckler cow

Rules And Conditions

1. This competition is open to all  Traditional Genotype 4* or 5* heifers, suitable to make a Suckler Cow.

2. Full tag number must be submitted wuth entry to ensure that genotype rating can be verified.

3. Heifers may be in-calf or maiden. All heifers must be between 12 months and 24 months of age on the date of the show.

4. Each heifer can attend up to five shows. If a heifer enters more than five shows, she will automatically be disqualified.

4. All heifers must be haltered trained and led by a competent adult.

5. The foregoing rules should be read in conjunction with ISA General Rules.

Entry Fee: To Show: €15


Entry Fee: €15.00 Location: Newbridge House Saturday 29th June Enter Class